Soccer2Unite is a non-profit organization that leverages the power of soccer to empower underprivileged children from around the world.



This is our story.


Since 2013, we have visited the Ugandan cities of Kabale and Kampala multiple times, distributing more than 2,000 pounds of donated soccer gear, working with several orphanages and schools, and hosting an annual Soccer2Unite Tournament.

Through these interactions and experiences, the foundation and impact of Soccer2unite was created.

And our future is even more exciting than our past.




But first, let’s go back to the birth of S2U.


As a single mother who raised three soccer-loving boys, Founder Suzanne Fortune knows how much the sport meant to her children.

When a good friend showed Suzanne photos of African children joyfully kicking a ball around, she had an immediate emotional connection. She learned how a simple game of soccer can create unity, fun, and a healthy lifestyle within these children’s lives. She knew this was her call to help.

On that day, Soccer2Unite was born.


Today, Suzanne and the S2U Board of Directors are gathering gear, developing a training and distribution program, and making travel arrangements for the next trip to Uganda in November of 2017.


These programs will provide knowledge of the beautiful game and its relation to this beautiful life, as well as sustainable distribution of our donated gear to children with the highest need.

Our goal in Kabale is to provide encouragement for its children to set goals and achieve their dreams, beginning with the practical lessons learned from a game of football.



If you have spare soccer gear lying around and want to help us reach our gear-raising goals, connect with us and we’ll arrange to pick it up!



Check out Our Impact page for a more detailed report of our track record, and Our Future for programs currently in the works.


Meet our board!

Suzanne Forturne

Suzanne Forturne

Founder Having raised 3 soccer playing boys, Suzanne turns her attention to empowering and inspiring children who have not had such an easy life.  She is passionate about providing boys and especially girls opportunities to play soccer by which they … Read More

Peter Grimes

Peter Grimes

Board Member A business leader in Seattle WA. Over the past 25 years, Peter has donated his time on and off the field in the soccer community as a youth coach, referee, referee mentor, Issaquah FC board member and now … Read More

Robert Heintz

Robert Heintz

Board member A Pacific Northwest native, Robert believes in philanthropic endeavors.  A busy businessman in high tech consulting, he manages to donate his time and resources to the soccer community.  Current President of Bellevue United FC he has helped re-brand … Read More

Charles Kezsler

Charles Kezsler

Financial & Business Consultant A retired CFO from big business and father of two boys, Chuck dedicates his time to a variety of board positions. He loves to travel, snow ski and fly fish.  He is passionate about giving of … Read More