The below highlight six different areas that we focus on as an organization. You can get directly involved in any one of these six areas or contact us to join our board and help keep such an impactful organization up and running.


Donated uniforms are important in creating an identity for teams. We partner with soccer clubs in the US to provide much-needed equipment for overseas. These children now play as an official team rather than footie. ┬áIt’s such a simple request, donate kits! Make a difference in a child’s life!

We have collected over 1200+ cleats and have provided shoes and more to hundreds of children. This is just the beginning and we want to do more.


We care about every little detail and work to ensure that each child we reach can have a chance at education, community, and of course, soccer.

We endeavor to balance physical activities for the body with mental exercise for the mind and encourage the children to dream big. Soccer2Unite believes education is a right, not a privilege, therefore we support children’s education.

We are empowering girls to play football which builds self-esteem, self-confidence, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Football also teaches how to win and more importantly how to lose. Life isn’t always easy but with the assistance of your sisters, nothing is impossible!

More than 20 schools are now connected and involved