Inspiring the children of Eastern Africa to strive for their future through the international language of soccer
one child, one smile, one soccer ball at a time.

Every day, world-wide children of the most diverse socioeconomic and political backgrounds achieve relaxation and happiness through playing soccer. Some play in organized leagues, while others kick a rag-ball around the village dirt-road with their friends, but in every case this one simple activity brings hope and joy to the children – taking their minds off the struggles and challenges that they may be facing.

Our goal is to provide the support and equipment needed to allow every child in Eastern Africa to participate in soccer and use it as a platform to encourage their continued education for a brighter future.










Being a single mother and having raised three soccer-playing boys of her own, Suzanne Fortune knew how much the game meant to her kids. When a friend showed her pictures of African children smiling while kicking a ball around, she knew immediately that she wanted to help. Suzanne began learning that she could help make an impact on these children’s lives through soccer but needed the equipment and resources first. On that day, Soccer2Unite was born.

Soccer2Unite, a non-profit organization, is geared towards enriching underprivileged children’s lives through the sport of soccer. Since 2013, Suzanne and her team of volunteers have visited the Ugandan cities of Kabale & Kampala to work closely with children at several local orphanages and schools. It was here that the foundation of Soccer2Unite was laid…and the story continues to be written.

Today, Suzanne works with the Board of Directors at Soccer2Unite to development a program to help realize that goal that every child can be empowered to set goals and achieve their dreams.

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